James Sinclair


Contract technologist, business development, product positioning, route to market, strategic relationships, programming, user acquisition and deal flow.

Guest Editor: Wall Street Journal
SXSW Mentor: 2013, 2014, 2015
Speaker: HRConnect, SXSW, SoHo House Innovation Series

You are either facilitating disruption, disrupting or being left behind. Choose One.

Who Am I?

I am a mix of technology, business consulting, marketing professional and generally shiny truck and new gadgets syndrome. All combined with a love of business incubation and angel funding. A Smorgasbord of experience and expertise in creating, developing and bringing brands to market and revitalizing those that need a little refresh. I act as a contract technologist to a number of companies providing understanding, perspective and reporting on emerging technologies and always ready to meet for a coffee in whatever city I am in.

With a background in high tech with a number of successful exits, a current portfolio of tech incubator clients and most notably a super connector for making deals happen within my network, I have defined a niche to assist companies in business growth, distress and operations management across multiple verticals and always ready for the next opportunity. SixSigma/Lean, Agile and a backbone of continued education and lots of other industry acronym accreditation’s…

From designing an acceleration and deployment plan to bring a consumer social platform to market in 100+ countries, designing a promotional and marketing campaign to gain national exposure and credibility for an emerging web productivity tool all the way to identifying and accelerating an enterprise b2b startup with F500 trials and deployment into the marketplace. The key is get value, make value and deliver value.

A results focused challenge consultant first, never delivering a pyrrhic victory. The industry is secondary, the new website is tertiary.

What Do I Do?

It is no longer enough to have the right product at the right time. Great companies, great ideas and great products have lost out to second-tier companies. Why? Because the second-tier company has the one thing, the only thing, a company needs to succeed. Name it.

Great marketing? Unbeatable prices? An adorable mascot? No, no and no. None of these matter with out one thing: Customers!

A lack of customers is always founded in failure of one or more other categories, but we can all name thriving companies with tons of customers in spite of being lousy in one of these departments, even many that have a lousy product. So how do they do it? Must be some mystical secret. Or…

There are a ton of secrets, none of them mystical, and all of them accessible to you with a little enlightenment from someone whose career is built on uncovering these truths. The right consultant will show you how to apply these to your business but will kick your ass until there’s no lousiness in your product, marketing, or any other organ vital to your business bringing in and keeping customers. This is Route To Market, this is Customer Acquisition. Business development is all about creating and managing relationships that will bring customers to your product…..and making sure they are delighted with what they find.